Cognosys Facilitates Windows Azure Transitions in Minutes, Exponentially Reduces Go To Market Time


“…With 21 languages and restore operation from within Outlook Calendar, we leverage Microsoft’s true cloud offering built around a service oriented framework to present Windows Azure as a new cloud vision and a futuristic utility service for all across the board.”

Surabhi, CEO, Cognosys Technologies

As Cognosys Technologies was witnessing its customers’ needs to move to the cloud and hurdles in cloud management, it responded by creating Azure Cloud Director, a revolutionary Windows Azure administration application, which endeavours to be a developer and system manager delight. With single click deployment and package injection for immediate bug fixing across multiple deployment instances, Cognosys reduced the deployment time of it customers. Additionally, the customers are experiencing huge cost reductions.

Business Needs
Cognosys Technologies is an integrated service provider catering to clients of different background and size. Interest in cloud computing has exploded over the past few years, particularly among the new generation of web-savvy businesses and entrepreneurs, who have been the early adopters of this technology.

Customers who are either new entrants used to only physical servers or those with an existing cloud product but on a competitive cloud platform, both have business issues. Insufficient knowledge of cloud architecture and confusion over architecture suited to business needs leads to resistance to adapt to transient cloud model. Plus, there are always concerns about supporting all non-.NET stack, 3rd party tools, and 32-bit legacy applications.

“Our customers want ease of use comparable to an on-premise or a competitive virtualization solution where changes can be saved with snapshots and custom images with all initial setup done,” says Surabhi, CEO, Cognosys. “They were looking at faster deployment, implementation processes and ease of management. We took on the responsibility to make the whole process simple and more cost-efficient.”

Cognosys decided to develop Azure Cloud Director, a revolutionary application for managing complete lifecycle of Windows Azure deployment. Cloud Director while augmenting the inherent strengths of the Windows Azure platform delivers an unparalleled stepping stone for leveraging power of cloud without getting constrained by the level of understanding the client has for a cloud model in general and Windows Azure specifically.

Azure Cloud Director reduces transition time by offering single click drag and drop deployment for even non-.NET applications. ”A financial services client expecting Windows Azure deployment time of five-six months, had on-premise application loaded on Windows Azure in 24 minutes and a live cloud App.NET URL was sent to client’s business head,” says Surabhi.

The solution offers simple customizations for typical prevalent scenarios like 32-bit applications and 3rd party dependencies. It simplifies complex deployment scenarios such as, COM registrations, firewall exceptions, self-hosted socket applications, and legacy assembly, which solicit proper cloud deployment strategy.

With Azure Cloud Director, Cognosys streamlines availability of complete stack before application startup especially for non-.NET stacks (PHP/ Java/ Glassfish/ Scala/ TomCat/ Jboss etc.) without months of effort in understanding cloud deployment methods for such stacks where necessary configuration changes cannot be reinstalled at every recycle event.

“Cutting across months of cloud transition roadmaps and diverse technology stack support including non-Microsoft products, Cognosys offers single click drag and drop transition to Windows Azure,” says Surabhi. “With 21 languages and restore operation from within Outlook Calendar, we leverage Microsoft’s true cloud offering built around a service oriented framework to present Windows Azure as a new cloud vision and a futuristic utility service for all across the board. As a system integrator, we deliver Windows Azure to customers and ISVs assisting them to realize their cloud goals promptly and seamlessly.”

As a result of using Windows Azure with Azure Cloud Director, Cognosys has been able to meet customer needs effectively. Having removed hurdles that are associated with managing infrastructures, customers can now focus on innovation and maintaining their competitive advantage and create opportunities for businesses while achieving scalability, availability, and affordability goals.

Reduces Costs, Increases Productivity
With Azure Cloud Director, Cognosys customers experience exponential time reduction for Windows Azure transition leading to huge productivity benefit and lower TCO with reduced development cycle. Clients get an upper edge over competitors by offering SAAS applications with minimum effort. Plus, Windows Azure cloud benefits with nearly same ease of comfort as an on-premise deployment scenario. The scope of manual errors has also reduced. Surabhi says, “A wireless technology company spent eight months to deploy Glassfish based application compared to our one hour drag-n-drop deployment.”

Boosts Customer Satisfaction
Azure Cloud Director is a single application supporting diverse open source stacks. Customers benefit from 21 language support, enhanced user interface and minimal learning curve. Entering sales cycle faster implies faster revenue generation for ISV and bottom line impact generates a much higher customer satisfaction.

Azure Cloud Director also enables on-premise SQL to SQL Azure transitions with compatibility reports and provides MySQL persistence solution. “Overall, our customers can significantly reduce the operations and maintenance cost of their IT,” says Surabhi. “Furthermore, we offer 24×7 monitoring of applications based on business rules defined by customers.”

Scales with Your Business
“We can quickly auto scale up or down depending on each customer’s actual usage and, at the same time, lower their infrastructure costs,” says Surabhi.

Opens New Business Opportunities
By developing Azure Cloud Director on Windows Azure, Cognosys can now extend its offerings to businesses, which might not have been able to afford the infrastructure required for on-premise solutions and did not have the technical expertise to address cloud architectural needs. It opens new business opportunities for the customers, in addition to revenue possibilities in the future.

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