Cloud-based CRM ERP Helps Customers Organize, Conduct, Monitor, and Stay Focused

CentraLogic Consultancy

CentraLogic Consultancy wanted to offer its customers a powerful tool to harness the benefits of cloud computing. The company used Windows Azure to create HuHoKa, a comprehensive and integrated solution that allows small and medium organizations to improve business operations. With this, customers avoid the high capital expenditures and also the costs of maintaining a large computing infrastructure. HuHoKa provides customers a reliable and secure cloud platform, which helps them to enhance business agility along with efficiency and security.

” Using Windows Azure, we automated processes so that our customers can focus less on mundane tasks and be more productive. We are providing them a simple and agile solution to enhance efficiency.”
* Ajay Navgale, Chief Executive Officer, CentraLogic Consultancy

* Business Needs

CentraLogic Consultancy is a young and dynamic IT Products and Services company with the core objective of delivering value to its customers. A startup headquartered in Mumbai, India, CentraLogic leverages the benefits of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model delivered on the cloud. It has a range of solutions for education, travel, and healthcare segments.

Over time, CentraLogic has developed a keen understanding of the unique business challenges that customers face. “Our clients are primarily small and medium businesses (SME) that need solutions such as customer relationship management, sales force automation, task management, contacts and communication management, email solution, campaign management, invoicing and payments, and document management,” says Sanjay Navgale, Director, CentraLogic. “Many robust solutions with tangible benefits are available, but not from a single vendor. Therefore, managing and maintaining multiple solutions from multiple vendors becomes cost-prohibitive and time consuming for the customer.”

The capital expenditure associated with building an on-premise infrastructure is also daunting. To help its clients become more efficient, CentraLogic wanted to offer a solution that would reduce capital costs while maximizing quality and efficiency.

CentraLogic wanted to deliver the performance and flexibility of cloud computing to its customers. Therefore, it developed HuHoKa, a powerful CRM/ERP solution. HuHoKa was built on Windows Azure, the Microsoft cloud services development, hosting, and management environment. “In Windows Azure we found many interesting elements that we thought would benefit our clients,” says Ajay Navgale, CEO, CentraLogic. “The platform provides on-demand compute, storage, networking, and content delivery capabilities, not to mention hands-off, low-cost maintenance.”

HuHoKa is a powerful comprehensive solution that allows SMEs to improve day-to-day business processes. It helps organize, conduct, monitor and stay focused on the tasks at hand and overall business goals. “We worked with some of our clients to understand their requirements and challenges,” explains Ajay. “This allowed us to create a solution that integrates all business functions.”

The solution allows customers to manage their contacts efficiently. They can import and integrate Outlook, LinkedIn, Google, and Twitter contacts, as well as contacts from Excel files. This enables organizations to get more out of the productivity tool. They can also integrate emails with custom rules to perform basic tasks, giving business owners time to focus on the core business.

HuHoKa is a cross-platform tool, which works on any browser or mobile platform including Windows phone, Android, and iPhone. The first version of the tool went live in March 2013.

It uses Windows Azure compute resources to provide available compute capacity and Windows Azure Storage to store persistent data. It also takes advantage of Windows SQL Azure cloud database service that is built on SQL Service technologies to accommodate rapid data growth.

Windows Azure meets the needs of a broad range of customers. It frees CentraLogic’s customers from the burden and cost of maintaining their own IT infrastructure, which allows them to focus on operations and management of their core businesses.

Reduces Costs, Avoids Management Overheads

“From a business perspective, paying five or six vendors was outrageously expensive for customers,” says Ajay. “However, when they realize they only need to pay a fraction of the cost for an integrated solution, they are persuaded to invest in HuHoKa.” In addition, customers don’t have to set up, configure, or maintain servers. They enjoy a continuous, stable quality of service and performance without having to worry about tedious back-ups, support, or management costs.

Increases Efficiency and Agility

CentraLogic delivers a more agile and flexible business model. Not only does a customer manage cases/issues/tasks raised effectively, but he can also set notifications for case assignment, escalation, or resolution. The solution manages opportunity from lead generation to deal closure, to invoicing and tracking receivables. “Using Windows Azure, we automated processes so that our customers can focus less on mundane tasks and be more productive,” says Ajay. “We are providing them a simple and agile solution to enhance efficiency.”
Enhances Security

Customers understand that their data is better protected in the Windows Azure cloud than in their own data center. With its world-class security mechanisms at different layers of the cloud infrastructure, the solution creates a defense-in-depth approach. Role based access control allows customers to define fine-grained security access to various features. Plus, businesses can lock down access based on IP whitelisting too.

Provides Scalability on Demand

By taking advantage of Windows Azure compute capabilities, CentraLogic offers a solution where customers can scale up and down as needed. Windows Azure gives levels of performance and availability that the company could not have delivered on its own without great cost. Additionally, CentraLogic employs numerous measures to maintain high availability of its computing resources. It monitors each and every feature offered to the client and ensures customer satisfaction. Also, the features are updated every month.
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