Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Platform Is A Clear-Cut Threat To IBM’s Watson

IBM’s Watson was a topic of headlines during its debut and now Microsoft is debuting their own platform, Azure Machine Learning (Azure ML), in a direct face-off against the IBM product. IBM’s Watson is a great product for programmers who deal with serious technical stuff. But Watson is not ideal for an average developer. The Azure ML platform is more convenient for a general developer though.

According to strategic innovation lead of Microsoft Israel’s enterprise & partners group, Ron Adir, general developers are the main target audience of Azure Machine Learning. Microsoft wanted to expand the idea of machine learning among everyday developers and the platform helps connect to other services via the cloud which enables developers integrate the idea into their apps.

The Azure ML platform will be expanded further to create data models which will analyse data via apps too. The data will be turned into information which will available to the user. The information created by Azure ML platform will benefit general developers a lot and this information can be used to create better apps for devices. A predictive data model will look at the information which is generally collected by sensors, in relation to weather conditions, location, time, heart rate and so on. It will make suggestions to the user how they can build a healthier lifestyle.

Azure’s ML platform is quite a beneficial product for Microsoft Band too. Well, some of these functions are similar to IBM’s Watson, but as Ron says, Azure ML platform is a democratised product, accessible to everyone and not only for experts. The platform can work with anyone who want to add intelligence to apps. The Azure ML platform is aimed to become an intelligence engine and it has made a noble start with Microsoft Health.

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