8 Linux Desktop Environments Which You May Like A Lot!

Unlike Windows and Mac OS, Linux offers number of desktop environments to users. Linux environments have different style, features and UI. Each Linux distro is made for some specific use case. Users can install Linux distros on basis of their requirements. Today we have listed eight Linux desktop environments that you will love definitely!

1. Cinnamon:

This Linux distro is designed for Linux Mint. The distribution is based on Gnome library. Cinnamon is an easy to use powerful desktop environment that features flexible UI with advance features. The desktop UI of Cinnamon has single panel located at bottom, a lock and system tray. It has traditional application menu on left side of screen. You can customize this application menu by adding new applications.

2. GNOME 3.X:

GNOME (GNU Network Object Model Environment) has been the most popular Linux distro over past few years. The latest GNOME 3.X series brings simplicity and ease of use to the Linux desktop environment. The distro is highly integrated with social media accounts. GNOME 3.X is optimized for efficient multi-tasking.

3. KDE:

KDE (K Desktop Environment) is another popular Linux Desktop distro. The UX on KDE is similar to Microsoft’s Windows. KDE has beautiful GUI and some unique powerful features. KDE requires powerful hardware resource to run smoothly. You cannot expect good performance from KDE on old hardware.

4. MATE:

MATE desktop environment is based on GNOME. You can say that it is simplistic version of GNOME 3. The distro uses GNOME 2 UI with new features and improvements. MATE offers improved computing experience as compared to GNOME.

5. LXDE:

LXDE (Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment) is as the name suggests, lightweight Linux desktop distribution. The operating system is specially designed for cloud system and old hardware. The distro has attractive UI. It supports multiple languages and comes with standard keyboard shortcuts.

6. XFCE:

XFCE is traditional desktop environment. The UI of XFCE is similar to GNOME 2. The desktop distribution has lightweight programs as well as some GNOME programs that offers perfect balance in performance and functions. XFCE is lightweight distro and hence, it works flawlessly on low hardware configuration systems.

7. Unity:

Unity is native desktop environment for Ubuntu. Canonical replaced GNOME in Ubuntu with Unity few years ago. The desktop environment has beautiful user interface. It comes with application docker. The search feature in Unity is very advanced as compared to other Linux distros.

8. Razor – Qt:

Razor – Qt is lightweight desktop Linux environment. The system is similar to KDE but it is designed for speed and simplicity. The distro comes with set of pre-installed applications. You can also install third-party apps for Razor-Qt. Since its lightweight environment, it works flawlessly with old hardware configuration.

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