Want To Be A System Administrator? Join The Linux Foundation Course

Are you an aspiring tech professional? Then learn Linux to build a strong career in technology. As reported by tech job site Dice, in 2013 senior Linux administrators made it around $90,853. Last year too, Linux job demand increased as salaries and bonuses have seen a significant hike.

So, do you know what you actually need to do to earn that big? Simple, learn Linux. Basics are also very easy. Download a Linux distro and start experimenting. But if you want to become a serious professional, then go for a certification and have a grip on your Linux skills. The latest certification is the Linux Foundation Certified SysAdmin and Engineer, which is quite a popular one and not so easy. Yes it’s damn hard. Even top Linux professionals have failed in these tests sometimes.

Get a “Essentials of System Administration” class at the Linux Foundation to get rid of the difficulties. This course has been compiled from the open online course at the Foundation, Introduction to Linux, which had 300,000 students. But, this new course is even harder. Linux Foundation says, the new course has been designed to give education about all the necessary skills to work as a system administrator in an enterprise IT environment.

The course content includes lessons on user management, system security and software management. Students can also practice their skills at around 70 labs. But people, who have strong grasp on Linux, should go for this course exclusively. The price required for this exam is $499, which doesn’t sound huge, as other similar classes cost around $1,000-$2,500. If you are comfortable with an online self-paced class then this course will be appropriate for you. We wish you all luck for your career ahead in Linux.

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