New Bug On Steam For Linux Can Wipe Out Your Hard Drive!

Gamers spend awful lot of time on Steam. If you are active steam user who is using Linux, you should be aware of the latest bug that can wipe out your PC. According to some reports by users on Valve’s GitHub Steam for Linux page, some nasty bug has an ability to wipe all your personal data on your Linux PC.

Users are also saying that, bug can wipe out documents and files on other connected USB drives too. Users have reported that bug has moved their “.steam or ~/.local/share/steam directories. In some cases, Steam’s Bash script has been invoked with “-reset” option enabled. Steam’s bug has been caused by a line in Bash script.: rm –rf “$STEAMROOT/”*, which is basic bash instruction that removes STEAMROOT directory and its subdirectories.

If you are running Steam on Linux, as a precaution, don’t connect any USB drive while you are running Steam. According to report by Bit-Tech, once the bug removes STEAMROOT folder, rm –rf “/” command forces the system to delete everything on hard drive starting from root directory. The command, rm –rf “/” is basic Bash instruction to wipe hard drive.

However, the system would ask for writing permissions before performing the action. The system cannot erase everything by itself. Still, most of the user files like photos, personal documents are at risk. Whoever developed this bug has input a sarcastic comment next to code that says, #Scary! Users and some security researchers have already reported the bug to Valve. Let’s hope that development team fixes this bug soon.

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