10 Tips And Tricks For Android Lollipop!

Google launched Android v5.0 Lollipop last year. The update brought many important changes to Google’s open source mobile platform. Google has added many new features and shortcuts. Everything on the Android has changed with the new UI based on Material design language. Let’s take a look at top 10 tips and shortcuts for Android v5.0 Lollipop.

1. Settings Search Bar

Settings menu in Android Lollipop has its own search bar. This may look like very minor addition but it comes handy at times. For example, if you are looking for specific network settings and you don’t know where to look for, you can simply search for network and find out your needed setting in matter of seconds. This one minor addition has increased the efficiency of Lollipop to high extent.

2. Swipe With Two Fingers

Lollipop has redesigned notification bar. You can simply swipe down once from top of your screen to look at notifications and swipe down more to access quick settings. However, if you swipe with two fingers of one, you can directly access quick setting options. Quick settings include shortcuts to all necessary Android features.

3. Flashlight

Android has now built its own flashlight button, you can access it from notification bar quick settings. You no longer need to install some third party app to use flashlight. With this option, you can use your phone’s LED flash as flashlight. This is a standard flashlight app like the one Windows phone or iOS.

4. Data Usage Notification

This feature comes handy when you are on strict data plan. Everyone of us has tendency to go bit overboard when it comes to internet data usage. You can enable data usage notification and use two finger swipe on notification bar to access quick setting then, you can tap on phone’s signal symbol to set specific data warning as well as data limit. If you set data limit at 5GB per month ad warning at 4GB. The phone will show you warning at 4GB and data will be automatically turned off at 5GB.

5. Hide or Disable Sensitive Notifications

Google has focused on enriching the notifications in Lollipop. You can now see the notifications right on lock screen. You can see what’s happening just by taking glance at your lockscreen. The downside is, anyone can see those notifications on lock screen hence, Google has added an option to hide notifications that include sensitive content. You can find this option under Settings > Sound > Notifications.

6. Remove Notification Spams

Lot of notifications come with lot of apps. Sometimes they are helpful such as, news or weather updates in notifications but sometimes they are quite painful like, a software update for not-so-important app or some games that keep pushing you notifications to buy upgrades. You can tap and hold on such notifications until a small ‘i’ appears on right hand side. You can tap ’i’ and block the app from sending such notifications.

7. Do Not Disturb

Android Lollipop’s DND (Do Not Disturb) feature is quite easy to set up and user friendly. You can use your volume rocker and a small pop up with come up with options, None, Priority and All. Simply tap on None and no notifications will disturb you anymore. This includes calls, texts, updates and even alarm. If you choose Priority, then only predefined notifications will be shown.

8. Profiles

With Android Lollipop, you can create custom user profiles. Simple swipe down your notification bar and tap profile icons in the top right hand corner to view user profiles. You will see your own user profile activated. There is an option to login as guest or create new profile. This feature comes very handy when you are loaning your phone to friend or co-worker, you can simply change the profile to Guest and lend the phone to other person.

9. Pin Your Screen

You can limit the functionality of your phone by pinning your phone. Go to Settings > Security and activate Screen Pinning feature. You can even pin single app to your screen by switching to multi select view and selecting green pin button next to each app. The specific app will say open while other functionality in your phone will be disabled. This feature comes handy while lending your phone to somebody else.

10. High Contrast Text

This is experimental feature in Lollipop. You can enable high contrast text by heading to Settings > Accessibility > System Sub-Heading. If you are struggling to read text on your smartphone, you can enable high contrast text. It makes everything look different. The feature comes handy when you have trouble reading or typing specially while travelling.

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