Microsoft Strikes Deal With Verizon For Azure Cloud CDN Service

Last year, Microsoft decided to enter a partnership with Verizon to create the build of their Azure cloud platform and white labelled Verizon’s EdgeCast CDN. The deal was never officially announced though but Microsoft confirmed the deal while talking to research analyst Dan Rayburn.

The company said that technology is licensed from several partners to offer the best solutions to their customers. That’s when they confirmed their partnership with EdgeCast, which would become an integral part of Azure Media Services. Microsoft closed their in-house Azure CDN and started replying on a third-party vendor.

Other cloud service providers like Amazon prefer to reply on their in-house builds, but Microsoft wants to offer more flexibility and better functionality to Azure customers with help of other solution providers in the market. That’s why they integrated Azure Media Services group with Telestream and Newtek and many others.

Microsoft is not just focused on their cloud components but to create an end-to-end ecosystem of cloud services. It’s a significant move for Verizon’s EdgeCast CDN too as they will garner huge revenues by providing backend CDN for Azure services. With this partnership Azure has also the chance to surpass Amazon’s CloudFront, as performance level and product development history of EdgeCast have been unquestionable. Microsoft wants Azure to grow as a easy-to-use platform for their customers and based on the partnerships it can be said confidently that they are on the right track definitely.

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