Top 6 Highest Paying Tech Companies

Management consulting firms and tech companies are known for high salaried jobs. These are rich margin businesses. Tech companies maintain pool of high skilled talent for their projects. IT industry has contributed great share to global economy in over last two decades. A famous online portal for employee and company rating and reviews, had published a list of top paying companies of last year. We have listed top six tech companies from that list.

1. Juniper Network

Juniper Network is largest networking equipment supplier in the world. The company sells its services and products to carriers, cable operators and internet service providers in the world. Employees in Juniper Network are very well compensated. The company has workforce of 9,483. The median salary at Juniper Network is $134,218.

2. LinkedIn

One of the largest social network for professionals, LinkedIn is known for the highest salary to its employees. The company truly cares about its employees, it provides number of opportunities to employees for their growth and career development. LinkedIn pays more than $150,000 salary to its software engineers and data scientists. The median salary at LinkedIn is $130,000 per year.

3. Google

According to Glassdoor’s report, Google is at the third position in tech companies. Google values its software engineers, product managers and research scientists. Most of the employees at Google have salary package of more than $100,000 per year. Company has very convenient policy for its employees. Google employees can use 20 per cent time of the daily hours for their personal projects. The median salary at Google is $125,000.

4. Twitter

The micro-blogging cum social networking platform, Twitter is yet another top salary paying company. San Francisco based company has very attractive employee policy. Twitter has reportedly spent $593 million in salaries in 2013. The company has been on top of the list on stock market too. Employees have ranked Twitter as the best place to work on Glassdoor. The medial salary at Twitter is $125,000.

5. Yahoo

World’s leading internet company, Yahoo has great culture. The silicon valley based company is known for high pay package to its employees. With the leadership of Marissa Mayer, things have changed dramatically for Yahoo. The company has come up with some amazing products in recent years. Yahoo has workforce of 12,200. The median salary at Yahoo is $125,000.

6. Apple

Apple values its employee more than anything else. California based Apple pays some software engineers more than $200,000 per year. Company gifts employees with promotions and stock bonuses every now and then. Employees have flexible work schedule, great work environment and number of opportunities for career growth. Apple hires the pool of talent almost every year. The medial salary at Apple is $123,284.

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