Microsoft Azure Announces Key Vault Service, G-Series Virtual Machines

Microsoft is moving strongly on the right path to remain in the leading position in the cloud services. The company has announced a public preview of a new service which will store cryptographic keys in the Azure cloud. The company has also announced the roll-out of the G-Series of virtual machines for the running applications.

The new virtual machines will be highly useful in the contemporary competitive market of cloud services. The new Key Vault service is the answer from Microsoft to the Amazon Web Services’ Key Management Service and CloudHSM service. KMS, which also manages keys, was announced last year. The CloudHSM service also provides a dedicated gear which is known as hardware security modules or HSMs for the key storage.

Azure Key Vault service will allow users store and manage keys on HSMs in the Microsoft data centers. In a conversation with VentureBeat, partner director of program management for Azure, Corey Sanders, explained they are offering a hardware-protected FIPS-certified high-security solution which is easy to use and very simple to program also. Sanders further added that the new service will have such integrations with the Microsoft technology which are used in SQL Server database management software.

A new virtual machine image is also getting introduced by the company for Ubuntu Linux OS which features Docker. Sanders told VB that this decision has been taken based on customer request and demand. It’s not that Microsoft is announcing another Linux OS image with Docker support in sometime. But its shows Microsoft’s commitment towards enabling Docker-supported containers to be used with Windows OS.

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