Linux 3.19-rc4 Released, Final Release Expected In February

Last week it was a day’s delay in releasing Linux 3.19 kernel’s fresh release candidate, while this week Linux father Linus Torvalds has come back to his normal schedule. Linux 3.19-rc4 has been released on its due date, the Sunday evening.

While announcing Linux 3.19-rc4 kernel, Linus said that last week’s release was “reasonably calm” and some last minute memory management regressions happened. Since Monday, there has not been much excitement left in this Linux 3.19 kernel’s development cycle, which is already a stable kernel.

Developers are now shifting their focus towards the next development, Linux 3.20 kernel merge window, which be open just after the final release of kernel 3.19. Next two weeks will be busy for Torvalds as Linux.Conf.Au is starting today in Auckland, New Zealand, and will continue till 16 January. But his busy travelling schedule is not expected to affect the development cycle of 3.19 kernel as it’s in a quite calm stage now.

Lots of impressive changes and improvements are part of the Linux 3.19, though some more performance experiments will be done in coming days, as it’s going to be the first massive kernel release for 2015. Linux 3.19 final release is expected in February.

Check out Linus Torvalds’ official announcement on Linux 3.19-rc 4.

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