7 New Tools For UI Designers!

Designer plays a very important role in the IT industry. The Internet is full of web tools for designers. The web developers’ community keeps delivering amazing tools. The web tools and apps are available for icon sets, fonts, PSD, vector design sets, patterns, flat UI kits and much more. You can dazzle everyone with your next mobile projects, website or blog by using these tools. Today we have listed 7 such fresh tools for designers.

1. 7Theme

7Theme is a library of WordPress themes. All the themes come with great tech support and free updates for lifetime and commercial license. You can download upto 50 WordPress themes at just $99. Considering the price tag, this is a great deal. You can use these themes to design commercial websites for your clients.

2. SQLWave

This is a user-friendly and compact MySQL client that serves all your networking needs. You can use SQLWave to connect with remote hosts of client servers from anywhere. The best part of the SQLWave is the support for all versions of MySQL.

3. CSS Specificity Graph Generator

This is a great tool to design impressive and proper graphs from the analysed data. The tool is very useful in accuracy of higher specificity in stylesheet. You can enter your CSS code and generate the free graph.

4. Gyroscope

This is a nice and sleek app to create your personal website. You can use Gyroscope to design web apps to display data in a simplified manner. The tool is quite user-friendly.

5. Lining.js

This tool gives you more control over CSS styling. Users can apply different styles using specific lines. This is very similar to CSS selector.

6. CSS Dig

This Chrome Extension helps user to analyse their CSS in better ways. You can even refactor and consolidate the data using this tool. The tool offers 37 different designs.

7. PaymentFont

PaymentFont is a sleek webfont that contains over 94 icons of payment operators and methods. This tool comes handy while designing an app that involves online transaction.

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