North Korea’s Red Star Linux Version 3 Is Out!

It’s been a while since North Korea has it’s own Linux distro. The country had introduced the Red Star Linux OS back in 2010. It has received a major update. Red Star is based on Red Hat mainstream Linux distro. The Red Star version 3.0 brings a brand new UI, which resembles a lot to the Mac OS X.

The previous version 2 of Red Star was revealed in 2010 and it had the user interface similar to Windows 8. KDE had developed the version 2 of Red Star. It was probably the time when Red Star receives an update since, KDE based version 2 packed old versions of software.

The version 3 is lot like Mac OS X. Some users are commenting on social media saying, it’s basically a clone of Mac OS X. The core apps, file manager, left side button, aqua style UI, apps dock, almost everything is inspired by Mac OS X design. The OS can flexibly change the interface though. North Korea’s design taste seems to have evolved over time span of five years. Red Star Linux was developed by Korea Computer Centre (KCC), which is one of the major software programming centre in Pyongyang. North Korean developers have always been more focused on the propaganda of the software than the usability. They could release the Red Star Linux v3.0 in multiple languages but they kept it limited to Korean, which is kinda odd.

As of now, it is not available to download for the public. However, someone has uploaded a leaked copy on torrents. You can wait for a while for the official release of the updated distro. You should note that the distro supports only Korean language.

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