Google Drive Now Supports ODF File Format!

Google has surprised the open source enthusiasts with a surprise gift. The company has finally announced the support for ODF format in it’s Drive suite of application services. This is a great news for Open Source enthusiasts who had trouble sharing ODF format file with their friends using Microsoft Office suite.

Earlier, open source users had to export the document in .doc or .docx to share the files with other users. Google has identified this problem and introduced a support for ODF file format in Google Drive. Since Google didn’t support the ODF file format, the open source users had to stick to exporting .doc or .docx and ditch the Google services. With the ODF file support, Google is tapping this user category and making them stick to Google Drive services.

However, the picture changed when Britain Government made ODF as default file format for government related work. So the Google service users had to ditch it and get ODF supported office suite. Even, Google had to follow ODF formats for any documentation related work in UK government. The rest of the European countries are also adopting to open source pretty rapidly. With such situation in hands, Google had to start the ODF file format support for Google Drive.

UK created a great demand for ODF support. A week after the ODF Plugfest, Google’s head of open source, Chris DiBona talked about on-going development for ODF support in Google Drive. Company has published the following post on Google Drive’s official Google+ page :
“We’ve been listening to your feedback, and we’re happy to say that we now offer support for importing all three major ODF (Open) file formats: .odt files for documents, .ods for spreadsheets, and .odp for presentations.” Yesterday, Google has updated Drive with the support for ODF file formats. Now you can easily use Google products with ODF formats. However, company has updated only web apps as of now. They are yet to add support for ODF in the mobile app version of Google Drive.

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