This Paid Kernel Patch Can Boost The Linux Kernel Performance

The latest Linux patch is here to boost the kernel performance and power efficiency issues on Linux system. The eXt73 patch-set promises significant performance improvements. However this patch is not available for free.

The team of developers from Poland have designed the patch. eXt73 is designed to provide great performance at minimal power consumption as compared to generic Linux Kernel image. The development work is quite polished. According to the test reports, the patch really helps in boosting the performance of Linux system.

According to Phoronix Test suite benchmark results, eXt73 is faster than mainline kernel. If you look at the pricing, it is not very high either. eXt73 can be installed for $15 per system. You can download the patch from The open source code is available on GitHub.

Developers want users to patch the kernel in binary form. All the changelog and work details are given on the Github page in Polish language. We can know the details only when the translated version is available. For power users, this could be very useful patch to boost the performance of system.

2 thoughts on “This Paid Kernel Patch Can Boost The Linux Kernel Performance

  1. Doesn’t a paid patch of an open source kernel violate the GPL. Regardless Linus and oodles of developers provide the world with a great free kernel and team of D-bags, tinker it a bit and have the nerve to charge for it, shameless.

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