5 Signs That Microsoft Is Making Azure An Enterprise Hybrid Cloud

Microsoft is trying hard to create the hybrid cloud solutions platform for enterprises. The company is focusing a lot on the development and growth of Azure. The cloud services get new update or additional feature every other month. And given the history of Microsoft, company has wide experience in enterprise solutions. Azure has radically changed over the last few years. Here are the five steps that Microsoft has recently taken to make the Azure as hybrid cloud solutions for enterprise.

1. Integrated Hardware

Microsoft is providing local Azure instances to Azure customers. The cloud platform solutions should be an example of hardware solution. Azure provides all of these in one package. Windows Server users can now build local Azure instances to setup Azure in an easier way. Microsoft’s intention of partnering with hardware companies indicates the integration of hardware with Azure cloud solutions.

2. Migrate Websites To Cloud

You can easily migrate the websites running IIS6 or higher to Azure using Azure Websites Migration Assistance. Even though there are limitations as what does not get migrated but intention of developing this new tools is clear. Microsoft is convincing enterprises to use Azure as migration option since long time. Microsoft is pushing the enterprises to do so by announcing the end of support for Windows Server 2003. Most enterprises are currently using Windows Server 2003 for their workloads and web applications.

3. Azure Active Directory

This is an independent enterprise technology. Microsoft has recently rolled out additional features to Azure Active Directory. Microsoft has improved Azure Active Directory with number of additional features in recent time. The latest feature now lets you publish the web app using Azure AD. Azure Active AD is supposed to generate better revenue for Microsoft. This is a great incentive to push enterprises to adopt to Azure cloud.

4. New Features

Microsoft is updating Azure cloud platform with tons of premium features every month. If you take a look at recent changelog, the Azure Premium Storage, Azure SQL, Azure migration have made the process efficient. The SSD storage feature is designed to benefit customers. Microsoft’s vision to lift and shift demanding applications on cloud is increasing. The premium storage tier has helped to grow this vision of the company.

5. Azure Support for Docker

Microsoft’s recent Docker support for Windows has helped the company in attracting more customers. With the growing competition, Microsoft had to support the latest devops. All other competitors have already added Docker registry support. Enterprises with long-term vision are adopting to Azure because of the Docker support. The company is also planning the Docker support for Windows. Such forward-looking technologies can help both Microsoft and enterprise customers.

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