Microsoft Releases New Public Preview Of Azure Active Directory Connect

Microsoft has just released first public preview of all new Azure Active Directory Connect tool today. Company had announced this new addition to it’s Azure cloud services just few days ago. The company as made this preview available for beta testers.

This is an updated version of Azure AD Connect tool’s beta version that company had release in August. Company has made changes in this version after considering popular demand of beta testers to make this tool simpler. Microsoft has integrated bunch of tools like DirSnc, Azure AD Connect, Azure AD Sync, Active Directory in one tool. This is the best solution than offering bunch of different tools for each function.

The new updated Azure Active Directory Connect preview is much more simpler and faster than Azure AD Connect beta release. This has all the necessary tools to connect Windows Server AD and Azure AD within few mins. Company had released the Azure AD Sync tool publicly in September this year. The new sync tool was quite appreciated by users as it has one sync option to connect Azure AD to Windows Server AD. The simple to connect options are multi-forest deployments and non-complex.

Microsoft has released a blog post with this release that says this new updated Azure AD Connect tool will replace existing Azure AD Sync tool. Company has also removed the support for DirSync and integrated the function of DirSync in Azure AD connect tool.

Users can now buy Azure Active Premium either from the official website or using Office 365 portal. The new purchase method doesn’t require Enterprise Agreement. Microsoft has also released Azure AD App Proxy to enable employees secure access to on-premises apps.

The blog post on Azure official blog states:

“Our goal is to bring 100 per cent of the previous DirSync functionality into Azure AD Connect. Before we GA (make generally available) Azure AD Connect we will bring all Dirsync functionality in…. Our goal is to GA Azure AD Connect with additional sync options, seamless migration from Dirsync, and production support in the next 90 days.

“Please note there will no longer be separate releases of Azure AD Sync and Azure AD Connect. And we have no future releases of DirSync planned. Azure AD Connect is now your one stop shop for sync, sign on and all combinations of hybrid connections.”

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