Microsoft Pushes Major Update To Azure Cloud Services

Microsoft has just pushed a major update to its Azure Cloud Services. The update brings new changes to Azure Premium Storage, Azure SQL Database and Azure Active Directory and much more. Microsoft is focusing a lot on Azure’s growth and development. Azure services is the best option for the enterprises looking for scalable, fast and reliable cloud solution.

Microsoft had made an announcement regarding the upcoming improvements in Azure services in October. Today Microsoft previewed the Premium Storage service for Azure. Premium storage uses SSD for data storage and also offers 32 TB of storage on virtual machine. The latest Azure SQL Database preview features complete SQL server compatibility and performance. All these features prove the exciting capabilities of new Azure service. Azure service can now power larger database workload in much more efficient way.

Microsoft has added some other improvements in this update. Azure Active directory has been improved, Azure RemoteApp now features general availability. Companies can now give corporate resources access to their employees with Azure Active Directory. Microsoft believes that this will help to improve productivity of employees.

The new RemoteApp enables user to access cloud applications using the Azure RemoteApp. This will help users in using the cloud apps with the compatible device of their choice. Microsoft want its users to be connected with their resources all the time. This update definitely brings all the necessary features that corporate businesses were demanding. The new Azure Services will help corporate users in increasing the productivity to evolve strategy to stay ahead in today’s competition.

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