Microsoft Giving Tough Competition To Amazon With Azure

Leading software maker, stopped relying on Amazon’s cloud services in last year. They adopted Microsoft instead. Many companies are seen adopting to Microsoft’s Azure platform leaving other alternatives. Enterprises are preferring personalised customer service, when it comes to the cloud. At times Azure is bumpy whereas, Amazon promises 99 per cent up time but yet, people are adopting to Azure due to personalised service.

Amazon launched AWS (Amazon Web Services) back in 2006, which was almost four years before Microsoft but still, when it comes to the ease of technology, AWS is little complicated. Enterprises like to believe that Microsoft Azure is broadest and deepest cloud platform. Microsoft is expanding its reach with Azure, they are constantly updating the technology and platform.

Azure has recently received the update which brings new SQL features and RemoteApp assistance. Microsoft wants to change the picture of Azure, some users like to believe that Azure is only for Windows machines, which can be used only for .Net apps. Azure now supports seven Linux distributions.

Amazon’s focus has always been on young companies, new startups and tech accelerators. Microsoft is trying to recruit business leaders of these young companies to tap the market share form Amazon. Microsoft is offering Azure services worth $4,023 for absolutely no cost to young tech accelerators and startups. Microsoft claims that 40 per cent of Azure customers are early age tech startups.

Microsoft’s sales people target at signing up more than 10,000 new customers every week. On the other hand, Amazon is also focusing on growth of AWS. The company has employed thousands of employees for Amazon Web Services.

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