Microsoft And Accenture To Launch Hybrid Cloud Platform

Tech giants Microsoft Corporation and Accenture have joined hands to work together on hybrid cloud solution platform. This cloud platform will bring new technologies to migrate and manage applications between private and public cloud platforms. The project is named as Accenture Hybrid Cloud solution for Microsoft Azure.

This will be the first cloud platform that can be controlled in unified method. Admin will be able to control the speed and requirement of space from a single console. A hybrid cloud with integrated Azure cloud services will be the best solution to perform number of cloud functions within same organization. Accenture Hybrid Cloud solution will provide cohesive approach towards hybrid cloud.

There are a number of hybrid cloud platforms available today but their problem is the technologies used for different workloads isn’t the same. It is broken in pieces. Whereas with Accenture Hybrid cloud solution, users will get to use the best cloud service technologies from Microsoft Azure and Accenture. This hybrid platform will have much more integrated approach of hybrid cloud. Enterprises can tap into full potential of cloud services to provide agile way of digital apps to their clients.

Accenture Hybrid Cloud solution is being tested at Freport-McMoRan, which is a international natural resources company. The platform is being used to form mobile dashboard to analyze and respond in real time. The company has business model that captures data from trucks, drills and other assets in the mine. Accenture Hybrid Cloud solution for Microsoft Azure is expected to be launched sometime in next year.

The current version of Accenture Cloud Platform is used where multi-platform environments and management ability like security and reliability is required. It is being used in multi-platform environments. Microsoft Azure provides the best enterprise performance and ability to connect to the Windows Server with Azure pack in customer data centers. These two platforms are renowned and tested for years. Bringing the key features of Azure cloud services and Accenture Hybrid Cloud will create efficient environment of hybrid cloud.

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