Microsoft Azure HCS Provides Cloud Snapshots For Backup

Data backup has been a problem for years now and it is a necessary thing for IT teams. This problem has been addressed by multiple technologies and software products over the years now. The process of backup is quite time consuming and hectic. With cloud servers, this pain has reduced in great amount. IT teams can automate the backup process and rely on it.

Virtual tape librariesare most preferred technologies for disk-based backup. But, they are not very efficient as use has to perform the full restore. Snapshot technology is a much more sensible solution in such case, it can be used to restore point-in-time of data. Automated off-site backup storage can reduce the financial and human resources being spend on data protection.

Microsoft has introduced the automate off-site data protection service called Microsoft HCS. It is an alternative to traditional backup process. It is based on cloud snapshot. Cloud snapshots can be used to restore historical versions of data too. Microsoft HCS is highly integrated with Windows Azure, it uses Azure or primary storage. The system performs backup on short daily interval to avoid errors.

Integrated dedupe process can be used to create granular data objects. Microsoft HCS uses such granular data objects called fingerprints to make the tracking of data backup efficient. Microsoft HCS communicates with all system pointers to ensure disaster recovery. In case of a disaster, Microsoft HCS solution forms hybrid cloud management system which provides functionality of virtual tape technologies for the data backup. Microsoft HCS solutions is the great one stop solution for all data backup necessities.

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