Microsoft To Launch Azure BizTalk Microservices!

Microsoft shared its vision of Azure Biztalk Microservices at ‘Integrate 2014’ which happened at Redmond, Seattle. Azure Biztalk Microservices is a new platform using which composite applications can be built through gradual microservices. Sam Vanhoutte, CTO and product manager at Codit has has also detailed about the project in his blog.

BizTalk team is working on the development plan of this platform that leverages various micro services offered by BizTalk and its partners. According to the latest report, BizTalk integration server has over 12,000 customers. The version of BizTalk that is being hosted on Azure is known as BizTalk services, which features 25 system adapters.

Microsoft is expected to showcase the preview of Azure BizTalk Microservices by the end of the first quarter of 2015. Microsoft will integrate this platform in Microsoft’s Azure Pack. The existing Azure customers can use the service with their cloud servers.

Dedicated scalable container has been packed for BizTalk Micro Services. The communication engine will work flawlessly due to the lightweight HTTP approach. Microsoft officials believe that Microservices is the future of Azure cloud technology. The company is working hard to make Azure platform-as-a-service ‘PaaS’, more like a micro service oriented system.

With this approach, Microsoft can change the picture of existing cloud services technology, which are currently infrastructure oriented. With the focus on microservices, Azure apps can be decomposed and each part of the app can be a declarative model.

Windows Fabric will power microservice support. Windows Fabric is similar to Azure Fabric controller that is integrated with Windows Server kernel. Currently, the company is using Windows Fabric for SQL Azure, Lync and a cloud based messaging service named, ‘service bus’. With Windows Fabric, various parts of the applications communicate with each other using application programming interfaces (APIs).

While some experts like to believe that, Microsoft will regroup all the Azure BizTalk Services into ‘microservices’. A new stack is used with workflow engine to power microservices. However, this new stack is not based on BizTalk orchestration or .Net WorkFlow foundation. There is no official press release from Microsoft after announcement at Integrate 2014.

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