Microsoft Introduces New Azure Websites With Better Management Options

Microsoft’s new Azure Websites offers more management and monitoring options for websites and web-apps. The company has published an article on Azure’s official blog that briefs new features and enhancement in Azure Websites.

According to the blog post, Azure Websites users can now monitor their Azure-blocked sites. It is hard to detect PHP dumps in the website or web app. Microsoft has addressed to this problem in the update. Azure Websites Diagnostic as a Service (DaaS) now features PHP reporting options in the extension. The new feature can scan live PHP processes and it can process a PHP report without capturing dumps.

PHP Analysis Report provides all on-going PHP processes in site. User can get more detailed information in these reports that sheds light on thread stack backtrace data, thread CPU usage and several other parameters. This saves effort of manually looking for PHP dumbs in case of large PHP-cgi processes.

Microsoft has also added PHP Error Log Analyser. Php-error.log is an automatically generated error log which is recorded when PHP application throws an exception. PHP Error Log Analyzer can analyse the error logs from DaaS site extension.

Microsoft has developed a special feature for the websites that receive heavy traffic with different hostnames. Users can also monitor live HTTP traffic and server errors per hostname using Azure Websites. The all new Event Viewer merges multiple event logs into one. User can filter these events on the basis of levels, date-time range, event ID and source.

The role metrics feature lets users to reduce site issues in environment that requires multiple instances. User can analyse the instance using Diagnostic extension and restart site processes on specific role instance. This ensures the up-time of site.

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