Microsoft Announces Monster-Size G-Series Virtual Machines For Azure

Competition is a good thing to stay high in eyes of customers all the time and competition is getting huge in the world of cloud technology. Microsoft has already surpassed Amazon when the Redmond tech giant announced their new series of virtual machines in its Azure cloud later this year. The virtual machines are real big things in comparison to whatever Amazon has done with their Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud.

The new virtual machines are called G-series and they offer more RAM and more local SSD storage than anything else on the board right now. G-series virtual machines have 448GB RAM and 6.5TB of SSD storage and all of these will be working with Intel’s latest Xeon E5 v3 family processors. These G-series monsters are very important for Microsoft to make over the bad image of their VMs which have never fared well in competition with AWS. But now Azure will offer such VMs which have twice the RAM in comparison to AWS and ten times more SSD storage along with faster Xeon processors.

But AWS is also working constantly to meet up to the VM types of Microsoft and Amazon is likely to accomplish that objective soon. It means a race will begin between VMs as both the biggest cloud providers in the world are fighting to offer the better machines than each other. Companies which are working on huge amount of enterprise applications and thinking about moving towards virtualisation technology in the cloud, will benefit from this competition between VMs a lot. Large-scale enterprise ERP applications and others such as SQL Server and Oracle Database need hefty VM types.

Microsoft has also announced a new SSD-based storage, called Premium Storage, which will support I/O intensive workloads to run in the new G-series VMs. If anyone is not interested in moving applications to Microsoft Azure public cloud, then they have the options of Azure-consistent private cloud and Azure hybrid cloud too. The company is planning to launch a Cloud Platform System too. It’s a healthy sign that Microsoft is very serious about their Azure project and it seems Azure is finally growing steadily now.

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