12 Major Applications To Be Shipped With Linux Mint 17.1 “Rebecca” Cinnamon

linuxmintMonday, November 24, 2014:  Recently the release candidate of Linux Mint 17.1 Cinnamon was released and the final version is awaited to arrive by late November. Mint 17.1 Rebecca is coming with lots of applications which are of great use. Let’s have a look at twelve major applications integrated in the Cinnamon version:

1. Nemo File Manager:

In Mint 17 Nemo is the deafult file manager which is just like Nautilus from GNOME. It ships with Cinnamon 2.4 and it supports emblems, coloured folders and terminal in the current directory. It also includes tabs, split-view mode, icon view modes, layout mode and configuration options.

2. Firefox Web Browser:

In Mint Firefox browser is customised to use duckduckgo.com search engine by default. It respects privacy of users a lot and it doesn’t tracks user’s searches. Firefox 33 is coming with Mint 17.1 Cinnamon version.

3. LibreOffice:

This office suite is the most popular one across all the major distributions. Its main features include Writer for text, Calc for spreadsheets, Impress for presentations and Draw for drawing.

4. gThumb:

It’s an image viewer which ahs some really rich features like its support for book marks, filters, tags, resizing and rotating tools and conversions to other formats. It also allows editing of images and it’s highly configurable. There is also GNOME Image Viewer in the Cinnamon version of Mint 17.1.

5. GIMP:

One of the most powerful image editing tools, GIMP, is also there with support for layers, filters, special effects and its version 2.8.10 is getting shipped with Rebecca.

6. GNOME Terminal:

Without a terminal a desktop can never be complete. Even if you don’t reply on command-line performance, still a terminal is required. GNOME terminal is being shipped with Rebecca and it supports transparency, configuration and tabs extensively.

7. HexChat:

This is an IRC client, a forked form of XChat. It’s more refined than XChat and it supports plug-ins, multiple networks and several configuration commands.

8. Pidgin:

It supports protocols like Yahoo!, AIM, facebook, MSN, IRC and so on. It supports plug-ins, themes, notifications, conversation and status settings and Pidgin is considered as one of the most popular instant messaging progarms.

9. Thunderbird:

It’s a Mozilla-powered email client which supports POP and IMAP protocols. It’s highly configurable and it configures mails liek Yahoo! and Gmail too.

10. banshee:

Linux Mint 17.1 ships Banshee as its music player which is GTK based. It supports collections, podcasts, Internet radio, fullscreen mode and videos too. It also supports a large number of plug-ins which improve its functionality.

11. VLC:

VLC is considered as the most popular movie player. It’s very rich in features and its version 2.4.1 is getting shipped with Mint 17.1. Rebecca also comes with Videos, which is a default movie player on GNOME.

12. Document Viewer:

Earlier known as Evince, this Document Viewer allows viewing formats like PDF, DVI, TIFF, XPS and comic book formats.

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  1. What is the point of listing apps which were shipped with Mint the whole time ?
    A major application would be if Adobe Photoshop was shipped with any Linux distribution.
    I’d gladly forget about Windows then :-)

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